Happy Times

   Gosh it has been sometime since I last updated my blog. First and foremost though, to my friends who do not have facebook and have been sending me mails asking where am I working now, currently I am working as a 3D artist (Matchmoving and Bodytracking) with Double Negative. The website will hopefully be more than enough to give insights into what I do...

   No words can describe how much I am in love with my new career, the environment and the people, and I for one will do my very best to excel. Thank you guys and gals for giving me the encouragement and warm wishes from the day I decided to switch careers, through school and now with my career. You guys are the best!

A Reason to Celebrate...

   By God's Grace, I won the first step in the uphill battle when I secured a job with a solid company!

   Excitement is an understatement really, there are no words that can describe the level of joy that I am feeling right now. Whilst waiting to begin work, I shall practice some Animation and Matchmoving, with a little bit of illustrations to help out an old friend.

   Shall post up the works as and when it's done. Take care folks!

Getting ready...

   Since I have some free time to myself, I decided to explore some lighting, rendering and compositing since I feel this portion of VFX compliments my animation very well.

   Whilst working on another animation idea of mine, I have compiled the Making of the Student Short Film and my VFX demo reel. Enjoy!

And now...it begins

   I was just informed by my school that I have an attained a Diploma with Distinction! Wow, I couldn't believe it at first but I'm happy all the hard work had paid off.

   Although I'm very ecstatic, having a distinction wouldn't necessarily get me a job. So the road of job hunting starts now. I know it will be another uphill battle (Isn't it always the case for fresh graduates?), but I have set my sights in living out my childhood dreams, and fight I shall.

   Oh! Jedi Masters Program for Animation discipline is coming up and the EDB Strat program with Rune Entertainment is ongoing...One can only hope.

End of One Phase...

   Is the beginning of another. I have not been updating much as I have been pretty caught up the past 3 weeks getting the animation, visual effects, rendering and compositing done on the production as well as my demo reel.

   At the end of it all, I have learnt alot about production, the issues that may arise, solutions and team management. Although I do have to admit, I still have alot more to learn and cope with once I enter a real studio. But let's not dwell on that, ladies and gentlemen, I am proud to present our Student Short Film Titled, "Break Fast" and my August 2010 Animation Demo Reel!

   Critiques and Comments are more than welcomed! Enjoy!

Production: Meet Mr. Fly

   With the environment set up done, I decided to test out how the base mesh of our protagonist might look like being composited in. So I grabbed the mesh from the fly modeler, Desmond.

   The reason why I wanted to test was to confirm the colors and textures that Desmond needs to work on later. This is partly due to the usage of warm orange lighting for the scene and that would multiply with the base colors. As I suspected, they did and gave quite a change to the rendered colors that he had chosen. So I tweaked the colors, rendered and composited. Once they look quite close to the original illustration design, I exported the file back to him.

   Here's 2 composited shots of Mr. Fly:

 Mr. Fly eyeing the Pancake

Mr. Fly reaching the summit of his goal...

Production: Environment Basic Set-up

   After setting up the scene from last night, I began with basic coloring of the whole environment. It's not final but it should help Chuanru with his texturing later.

   We have about 1 and a half more months left in production and I would like to give alot of focus in my field, which is animation. Since the rigging has just gotten underway, I feel I may as well proceed to set up all the render passes and tweak the overall composition.

   So far I'm liking how it looks overall and Desmond seems thrilled at how it turned out. That's one part settled that I don't have to worry about, although I am having some issues with the Ambient Occlusion layer. For some strange reason, when I batch rendered the layer out, it's giving me pure white. However, if I were to render in Maya, it renders out right. Another issue I'm having with batch rendering is that it is taking 3 times longer to render per frame. For example, the beauty pass takes about 2 and a half minutes to render in maya, but 6 minutes or more when I batch render. I shall check with the supervisors on Monday but if anyone have any ideas, do share! =)

   Issues aside, here are 3 shots that I composited for presentation this coming friday. Now, I can focus on getting animation references and think about key poses.

 Environment with basic colors, ambient occlusion, depth of field and the God Ray

An over the pancake shoulder view with shallow focus

The Antagonist for our story, the Bug Zapper!